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Recent downtime
Sorry for the server being down so much lately but an unexpected and intermittent error has popped up which has been bringing it down shortly after I bring it back up. I will have it fixed ASAP and be bringing the server back online at some point this evening. Afterwards any time it goes down please feel free to contact me via email at or on twitter @scorpio_sw
-view- [Wednesday, February 4th 2015] Posted by Scorpio
Power Lacking
Server is down due to severe lack of electricity as a result of a car hitting a pole near by. Hopefully no one was hurt and they can fix it soon...
-view- [Tuesday, December 23rd 2014] Posted by Scorpio
Back up
The server is back online
-view- [Sunday, June 22nd 2014] Posted by Scorpio
Technical Difficulties
Secrets of Mirage is temporarily offline for unscheduled maintenance due to technical difficulties and will be back up as soon as possible. If it isn't back up this evening, hopefully it should be back up by 6pm PST June 23rd at the latest provided there are no unexpected setbacks.
-view- [Sunday, June 22nd 2014] Posted by Scorpio
The server was down for a while today because of a power outage caused by 3 days of endless snow falling here however it is back online. Hopefully there will be no further interruptions, although the snow isn't stopping so we can't promise anything...
-view- [Monday, February 24th 2014] Posted by Scorpio
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