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The server was down for a while today because of a power outage caused by 3 days of endless snow falling here however it is back online. Hopefully there will be no further interruptions, although the snow isn't stopping so we can't promise anything...
-view- [Monday, February 24th 2014] Posted by Scorpio
Bots and Macros
I'd just like to once again state that the use of any 3rd party applications with SoM is not allowed including any bots or macro programs. Also, despite apparent rumours, there is no favouritism on SoM and anyone caught using one of these will be punished or on repeat offense banned from the game. That includes those who have donated via the webstore... Simply put, if you cheat you are not welcome here.
-view- [Monday, January 27th 2014] Posted by Scorpio
Back Up!
SoMX is back online after a brief scheduled downtime! If anyone is still unable to connect it may take time for DNS to update for some people...
-view- [Thursday, January 23rd 2014] Posted by Scorpio
Expected Downtime
Unfortunately the SoMX game server will be offline sometime during the day on January 23rd (Thursday). Hopefully it shouldn't be down longer than an hour or 2, sorry for the inconvenience.
-view- [Wednesday, January 22nd 2014] Posted by Scorpio
Webhost Maintenance
Tomorrow night (January 22nd), between the hours of 7 - 9 PM PST, the webhost for will be temporarily offline for maintenance. They estimate the outage to be approximately 15-30 minutes. Note: This will not affect the SoMX game server.
-view- [Tuesday, January 21st 2014] Posted by Scorpio
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