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 Post subject: Gold
PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:04 pm 
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As everyone know gold is pretty much crazy right now. Some people have a crazy amount and some people have 0. As a result of when the game first got brought back up and people whoring gold/duping gold the economy got pretty messed up. This has now caused items that are collecting in orange(syn mats) be the same price as items that are collected in black/red (Auburn, Temp, Museum, etc).

Earlier today, some of us thought one of the best ways to fix this would be to wipe everyones gold back to 0, have them start over. Causing this will reset the crappy economy and possibly bring back items to cost the proper amount. Doing this would obviously need to change a few things back to how they were. Tetra and Cestra being the 2 main spots that come into mind, for me anyways. Dust were great for gold and they were nerfed quite a bit.. Cestra was the same, both Minotaurs and tarantulas were nerfed.

At this point in the game, there a very little gold spots to train at and thus making it quite hard to get gold if you have little.

Just a thought that might help a little bit and maybe turn the gold disaster into something a little more reasonable for everyone. Not to mention, bringing back gold spots that are in dangerzones would bring a little bit more action back into the game aswell.

P.S Anyone who is going to say oh, youre just saying that because of you 0 gold, I have a over a 100mil and one of the people that backed this up was Chibi, who has quite a bit of gold aswell from my understanding. ;p

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 Post subject: Re: Gold
PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:55 pm 
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Syn mats are selling for huge money because they are new and exciting and all the high overlords don't want to waste time training there but have accumulated gold over their time playing and are exchanging that for the time spent getting all the new fancy stuff. Personally I wouldn't really care that much because I am much closer to the 0 gold scale, I just think it would suck for people that have earned lots legitimately. Punish all for the misdeeds of a few?

Why not release some special items that cost lots of gold? Custom pet (choose your own sprite) for 100mil gold? Item modifiers, 10mil gold to add 10 durability or something to top tier equipment. 15mil to add 10 more. 20mil to add 10 more. Something that doesn't give a strength advantage over lower players, but higher players with multiple sets would spend their gold on.

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 Post subject: Re: Gold
PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:53 pm 
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gold for durability is a good suggestion. Makes the item more valuable too if it gets looted or something.

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